Monday, October 11, 2010

Wowsers!!! My very first BLOG!! :)

Well here we go! :) I'm not a writer and I normally don't like to read...but things change. So why the blog?? Because I need to find something I can enjoy whenever, whereever, and whatever. It feels good to write/type. I have a lot of thoughts. I challenge myself everyday. I enjoy life. I get frusterated and struggle too. I heard your deepest thought and feeling come out when you write. I have goals and dreams. AND I WANT TO SHARE IT ALL! :)

Life is so short and too many times we tend to get caught up in all the excuses out there..."oh the economy is bad" economy economy eshmonany!..."I can't believe what the president is doing now"...well did you vote? "I've tried everything"...obviously not. "I'm just so tired!" is everyone else. oh how the list could go on...and here I find myself guilty of those same things but try this on for thought: The change starts with you. Life is tough, but if you don't like something...DO SOMETHING!! thats me :)

Ok so for these blogs I will most likely vent, preach, and share, share, share. I welcome thoughts and imput too :). I quote from Will Smith "Know what you believe and be willing to die for it and that all you have to worry about."... and who knows maybe I'll get famous like good 'ole Shay :)

I'm really excited right now where our life is taking us...My husband and I have so many dreams and goals and we finally see them, in the distance of course, but the point is we do SEE them :), cannot wait! Winston works construction, and yes, like everything else it has died some. However, we were introduced to a financial oppurtunity back in Feburary, we got involved, we didn't worry too much about it, but we felt like it was the right thing to do at the time. Then one day I woke up to reality...What if I have to settle to work the rest of my life? Why do we have to be victims to the economy? What if Winston or I lose our jobs? The scariest of all was, Where will we be in 5-10 yrs??? When I answered that question with "Right where we are now, with less money and most likely kids" I was definately not ok with that! We decided to stop complaining and DO SOMETHING! Life is not all about money thats for sure, but when it restricts your freedom and you can't help people as much as you would like to and you look around and everyone is doing the same thing, just waiting for their break in life...its depressing! So I started out thinking of what I could do....I could go back to school for certain things but then what? Work the rest of my life to pay off loans, the things I would enjoy I couldn't make much money I opened but eyes to FHTM with more of an open mind, started researching residual incomes and leverage and by Golly I couldn't jump on board fast enough! I felt so blinded and left out not to know of Dad is a big invester so my plan was to save enough money to buy property and keep buying more property...(which totally works, but where does the money come from). So here I go on my venture as a network marketer (or?) definately NOT what I had in mind, but let me tell you! Best decision we have ever made! A month later I was retired from waking early, going to a j.o.b. (just over broke), slapping sandwiches together, long drives of just not knowing what was ahead for us (btw not always bad), no more grouchy customers, and no more signing myself into someone else's dream. I loved my job too, but I just didnt want to do that the rest of my life. My challenge: get yourself educated before you say "no". Step into the unknown before completely "knowing".  Life Lesson: Winston has a better intuition than I do. :) We hope to have Winston at home every day and working together in 2 Months, maybe less. We have been so blessed!
Quote: "God gives every bird a worm but he does not throw it into the nest"
Thought: If you don't do something different, how can you expect a different result?

Anyway what else do we do?? We love to enjoy life in the way its handed to us, Success is not just money...Its important to be successful in every area of your life..relationships, spiritually, financially is just a benefit after you get other things lined out.  We have a lot to be thankful for, we are learning to dwell on the good and deal with the bad. we live in a cute little house that we love, and a spoiled but very well-behaved puppy :)

Until next time!! Make it a great day everybody! God bless!